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Nic Kaufmann, possibly Nicholas Kaufmann, is a Singaporean-born German-Indian[1] TikToker and fashion model. His content usually consists of him partaking in popular trends, along with some of his videos showing his fashion outfits.


Nic's first TikTok was posted in February 2019, and in October 2019, he reached one million followers.[2] He regularly collaborates with other TikTokers, such as Benji Krol and Nils Kuesel.[3][4] One of his most popular videos includes a video of him partaking in a trend featuring the song 'Boys' by Lizzo.[5][6]


Nic has also participated in modeling, including with brands such as Dior and Ralph Lauren.[7][8] He has also launched his own collection with 'About You', an online retailer based in Germany.[9][10] In January 2022, he became signed to 'United Talent Agency'.[11]


  • He can often be spotted creating content with fellow creator Benji Krol.[12]